(Laid) Palms to Tell

by Pillars and Tongues

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RFI 000 000 002

Side A: (Laid) Palms to Tell
Side B: Extremadura is a Dreaming Dog
Side C: The Making Graceful (Jeals Remix)

Special free download single released in coincidence with the spring / summer 2012 tour.

"(Laid) Palms to Tell" is an alternate version of a song that appears on the album 'The Pass and Crossings', and also, in a few significant ways, an entirely new song.

It appears, in this, its laid form, on 'If Travel is Asked of Me' a limited edition cassette and unlimited download release from Red Frost Industries of Bloomington, Indiana.

'(LAID) PALMS TO TELL' VIDEO: vimeo.com/42088631

"The Making Graceful (Jeals Remix)" is a remix of a song that also appears on the album 'The Pass and Crossings'.

'The Pass and Crossings' is available in LP / CD / download / and cassette formats from: www.endlessnest.com/store/index.php#ptpc


released May 18, 2012

Mark Trecka
Beth Remis
Ben Babbitt

"(Laid) Palms to Tell" and "Extremadura is a Dreaming Dog" engineered and mixed by Ben Babbitt at Casita Earth

"The Making Graceful (Jeals Remix)" remixed by Marcin Sulewski.

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"Palms to Tell" and "The Making Graceful from the album, 'The Pass and Crossings', performed by Pillars and Tongues as: Mark Trecka, Beth Remis, and Evan Hydzik; engineered by Mike Usrey and Theo Karon, mastered by Paul Oldham.

Jeals -- soundcloud.com/jeals



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Track Name: (Laid) Palms to Tell
Your breath could resolve
a thousand harrowing pains,
your mind, design release
from a thousand conceit's pangs.

Tend to all,
tend to all
reading Portuguese palms
and tarrying contrary
in moaning light
where she moans
that lighted tone
owed to wrestling everything.
No rest for wresting hands
though the crestings demand
a moment's pause;
moving in your breath
and shaped of your design,
the palms to tell.

Tend to all
tend to all
tend to all.