An Index

by Pillars and Tongues



An Index is the first release from Pillars and Tongues since 2013. It is, as of May 2017, a cassette release limited to 50 copies with hand-printed risograph sleeves, 32 minutes of new music across eight songs.

It is also a means to an exercise, a way to kill time and carve meaning out of meaning already carved. We coax each other into asking questions about the intentions of singers who have already sung before us. An Index is a way to convene, be wild, collapse distance (Los Angeles, Chicago, New York); an indicator, a measure.

The mark you leave is your own hauntedness. How could I aspire – or bear, for that matter – to author a phrase as perfect as “the hard bread of loneliness” like Amália did?

And sources: others’ attempts, our sorting through it all and going forward because of the affinity at the center. It is the kind of affinity that makes me want to swear and spit and throw the glass in my hand at my shadow and tell the night that I know it is just a bigger shadow. It hears me.

I could listen to Beth play variations on the melody from Amália’s “Primavera” endlessly from now until I die. Trouble is there aren’t enough glasses in this valley.

We created these themes, these ghosts and attempts and they populated the landscape in a certain way. So we made the cassette just that way. But there are other ways to gather those themes together, other places those ghosts convene, attempts made, and so those other ways can be found here.

Various combinations of the four of us entangled ourselves, slept in each other’s beds, huddled and watched each other start fires. Sitting on Ben’s balcony, Beth said, “That tree is about to fall down” and then moments later, the tree did in fact fall down. An enormous tree. (There are witnesses.)

(I recently asked a friend: is the ultimate goal of your poetic enterprises to create something to which it is impossible to respond or to which it is impossible not to respond?)

Beth teases Evan at the beginning of a vocal take: “You tell yourself whatever you want to tell yourself.” And really, you do.


New York

May 14, 2017


released May 18, 2017

Ben Babbitt, Evan Hydzik, Elizabeth Remis, Mark Trecka

With: Doug Tesnow

Sources: Midori Takada, Horse Thief (NM), Eliane Radigue, Amália Rodrigues



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